Schedule Exercise Into Your Working Day

One benefit of working at home is that you may be able to more easily get regular exercise, at home or at the gym. Of course, like all tasks, you will need to schedule exercise into your diary, otherwise you will put it off. But there are a number of good reasons for you to take advantage of more flexibility with your day that you have, so make sure that you do schedule regular exercise into your day or week.

Exercise has health benefits, whether you work at home or not. Improving your strength, endurance and flexibility will help you avoid injuries, aches and pains that affect you throughout your day and reduce your productivity in work. An exercise program can help you burn calories, enhance fitness and reduce your vulnerability to the effects of illnesses. As a small business owner, you cannot afford really to be ill often – if you are not working, who is keeping an eye on the business?

Regular exercise doesn’t have to take place at a gym though. Of course it would be lovely to pop down the gym to use the latest machines, followed by a relaxing sauna. But it’s not always necessary. Incorporating an at-home exercise program into your busy schedule can help you save time getting prepared to go somewhere, and doing small sets of exercises can reinvigorate you when you start to tire or get bored with your work. Taking 5-10 minutes to perform a set of stretches, toe touches, and other exercises can get oxygenated blood flowing again. You give up a few minutes of time, but will be much more productive when you start working again.

A regular exercise program does not have to be complex or an expensive activity to be effective. Walking, jogging, and lifting light weights (even a tin of baked beans in each hand), can have a lasting impact.

One thing to take note though. If you are just starting an exercise program, you should get a check-up by your doctor first, especially if it has been some time since you last exercised regularly. Their advice can help you choose the right exercises for you, and ensure that you don’t put your body under any stress that it is not ready for.

So whilst you are a busy work at home business owner, there is no excuse not to schedule exercise into your daily or weekly routine. No more excuses!

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9 Responses to Schedule Exercise Into Your Working Day

  1. Helen says:

    Good advice! These days I try to work exercise into my day rather than taking an hour out of it to go to the gym. It’s much easier to fit in that way.

  2. So true but you still have to motivate yourself to do the exercise! I find that once I do, I feel much better and can handle whatever the day throws at me! We still like to go out swimming too. With working at home you can get lonely and going swimming we meet other people and it’s so important to stay socialable.

    • thehomeofficecabin says:

      So very true Sue – self motivation is key. But most home workers, especially business owners, have that in abundance. Good point about the social aspect though – this is something Nicky struggles with as she is so busy sewing she doesn’t get time to go out much. But measuring for clients helps with this, especially with the nice ones!

  3. Kat Sturtz says:

    As a home-based business life coach, I appreciate your perspective on this. Exercise doesn’t need to be whatever one thinks of as the “norm.” And, yes, it is possible …. and beneficial… to fit it into our weekly routines regardless of how busy our lives are. If it’s important enough … one carves out the time.

    • thehomeofficecabin says:

      Good to see you Kat, thanks for the comment.

      The “norm” – we sometimes forget that vigorous vacuuming, gardening and other household chores are exercise. So even if you don’t have time for what is regarded as exercise every day, you can always fit in something that will help a bit.

  4. Great advice Paul, this has come home to me recently following a bout of illness, which as a result has seriously curtailed my running, but finding the time to do exercise at home has been really beneficial, after 8 weeks i proggressed to being able to use tins of food for a little extra resisstance 😉

    • thehomeofficecabin says:

      I hope you are well on the way to full fitness and good health Mike. I remember doing a Davina McCall workout video with tins of beans – exhausting! 🙂

  5. Ash says:

    Found you through Tiff, nice to see your ‘online home’. Exercising when you work at home is so important, it’s so easy to just sit in your pajamas all day but even getting up and doing periodic stretches is a good idea!

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