Glass Work Desks Under £100

If you are working at home, then you won’t really want to keep replacing any furniture that you require. Whilst you can get away with less than you need if you were working in an office block, there are certain things that you definitely require, and most definitely a desk that you can do all your important work at.

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How to Deal With a Lack of Respect When You Work from Home

How do you deal with a lack of respect from others when you work from home?

If you own a home business, you know how it goes… Someone you’ve just met asks you, “What do you do for a living?” You answer, “I run my own business from home”. The look on their face often says what they won’t say out loud: “In other words, you’re unemployed”. They simply cannot believe that you can really make a living working from your computer at home.

How do you deal with a lack of respect? Here are seven tips.

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Childcare Solutions For Work At Home Parents

As a working parent, balancing the needs of your children and your employer can at some times be difficult. But when you work at home, you need to remember that you are earning money, and that it may be necessary to consider some form of childcare solution.

Just because you don’t go into an office everyday doesn’t mean that your time isn’t valuable or that your life has automatically gotten a lot easier. When you accept a work at home position, you are trading the office for a workspace that is more comfortable, but there is still work that needs to be done. If you have children, childcare issues are well, still an issue. Here are some solutions to help with the transition. Continue reading

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Learn New Skills When Working From Home To Keep Your Career Progressing

When you work from home for a while for the same company, it may be too easy to become stagnant in your career. Are you still in the same position where you started working from home, or have you made upward career progress?


If you haven’t moved forward, a few changes might be in order. These may involve stepping out of your comfort zone so be prepared for this, but it’s for your own good – buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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9 Tips To Keep You Motivated When Working At Home

Some days it’s hard to keep motivated when you work at home. There’s no boss watching from his office and no immediate repercussions if you goof off and play Candy Crush, instead of getting on with your work.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

    • 1. Plan your day in advance the night before. Start with what is most valuable to your business, what will forward your work the most. List everything you want to do that day and write a 1, 2, or 3 beside each tasks. The 1’s are the projects you must work on today. The 2’s are things that you’d like to get started on if possible and the 3’s are things that could wait until next week, if needs be. Don’t fall into the easy trap of being busy at low-value tasks.

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