9 Tips To Keep You Motivated When Working At Home

Some days it’s hard to keep motivated when you work at home. There’s no boss watching from his office and no immediate repercussions if you goof off and play Candy Crush, instead of getting on with your work.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

    • 1. Plan your day in advance the night before. Start with what is most valuable to your business, what will forward your work the most. List everything you want to do that day and write a 1, 2, or 3 beside each tasks. The 1’s are the projects you must work on today. The 2’s are things that you’d like to get started on if possible and the 3’s are things that could wait until next week, if needs be. Don’t fall into the easy trap of being busy at low-value tasks.

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Small Corner Cabins

Not everyone has a big garden, we understand that. But if your house is not large enough either to accommodate a home office, you may want to install one of these small corner cabins in your garden. With careful planning this can be utilised for your home office whilst not taking up any family room indoors.

Here’s a selection we’ve found. We will keep updating this as we find more that we think are suitable. Please note prices are correct at time of publishing (October 2015). If you wish to see in more detail, click on the Name or Picture and these will take you through to Amazon, where you can purchase them.

3m x 3m Corner Cabin from Buttercup Farm

Ripon 4.0m x 2.8m Log Cabin

Size H: 280cm W: 300cm D: 300cm H: 254cm W 400cm D: 280cmm
Width of Walls 28mm Tongue and Groove cladding Made from 34mm machined logs
Width of Base 19mm Tongue and Groove roof and floor construction.
Number of Windows/Doors 2 opening windows plus single door 2 plus double doors
Price £1,766.00 FREE UK delivery £3,763.03 FREE UK delivery
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Ten Strategies for Overcoming Loneliness When You Work from Home

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. Yes you get some personal freedom, the choice of what hours to work. But here is often a lack of social interaction, and that’s something that I can struggle with. No more morning meetings, no chats whilst making the coffee, no lunches in the kitchen or nights out with your colleagues. Whilst many people can cope with this solitude, even introverts can get lonely. For the good of your health and sanity, it’s important to have social ties. If you have trouble overcoming loneliness when you work from home, read on for ten ways that may help you.

overcoming loneliness when working at home

Working at home

So how do you overcome the isolation of working from home? Here are the ten tips.

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Setting Up Your Home Office on A Budget

It’s all very well deciding that you are going to setup your own business working from home. But as well as having the business knowledge and ideas of how you are going to earn a living, you also need the tools to run your business.

Putting together a home office can be costly. But, you need the right equipment to get your business up and running. And as you are starting up, funds may be tight to begin with. So how do you create a workable office with a limited budget?

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Ten Tips To Reduce Distractions For Business Owners

When I’m working on my business I often find that no matter how hard I work, there’s always something lurking just around the corner vying for my attention. No matter what plans we have we can all do with tips to reduce distractions.

One moment I’ll be sewing away, an hour later I will have had several calls from clients, deliveries from suppliers, Facebook enquiries and a message from Paul seeing how my morning is going. All of these are important, but they can scupper my plans for the day somewhat.

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