Dealing with Negative Comments on your Blog or Website

In today’s world where people turn to the Internet for information, purchases and entertainment, your website or blog is the lifeblood of your business. I am sure you do it, I do it, and probably most of the Western world rely on finding products online. It has become part of everyday life for so many.

You might spend hours each week or month making sure that your visitors have the best possible customer experience, so if you start getting negative comments on your blog or website, it can feel like a personal assault. It can make you feel worthless and put doubts in your mind about continuing in what at all other times is a successful business. Continue reading

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Minimise Criticism in Your Business

When you run your own business, you have to deal with people and other businesses, otherwise you will have no income. And no income means no business. Of course, not everyone that you come across will be 100% happy with your services, that’s a fact of life. The sooner you accept that the better you will be.

There’s no way to avoid all criticism in business. Even if you run a really tight ship and do everything seemingly right, there is always going to be mistakes made, things overlooked and glitches in technology. Criticism is part of running a business. But there are definite ways you can work from a place of strength to minimise the amount of complaints you get. Here’s a short list to get you started. Continue reading

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Time For Some Protection

So our workshop has been in place for 2 years in November, and was looking a little tired. So we decided it was time to spruce it up a bit and protect it before the autumn and winter takes hold.workshop - silk interiors

Continue reading

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Schedule Exercise Into Your Working Day

One benefit of working at home is that you may be able to more easily get regular exercise, at home or at the gym. Of course, like all tasks, you will need to schedule exercise into your diary, otherwise you will put it off. But there are a number of good reasons for you to take advantage of more flexibility with your day that you have, so make sure that you do schedule regular exercise into your day or week.

Exercise has health benefits, whether you work at home or not. Improving your strength, endurance and flexibility will help you avoid injuries, aches and pains that affect you throughout your day and reduce your productivity in work. An exercise program can help you burn calories, enhance fitness and reduce your vulnerability to the effects of illnesses. As a small business owner, you cannot afford really to be ill often – if you are not working, who is keeping an eye on the business? Continue reading

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Chunking – Break Projects Into Manageable Tasks

We all have lots of tasks to complete, even more so if we are running our own business. But of course, not all tasks are created equal. Some projects are very difficult to work on and take a lot of time, while other tasks are so much easier to tackle.

Many people put off the bigger tasks and avoid doing them until the last minute. This is never a good attitude to take – it will sit in your mind, taunting you. It is much easier to do a hard, difficult task first, breaking it down into small manageable parts by adopting chunking, especially when working from home. Continue reading

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