Log Cabins Make the Ideal Home Office

Log Cabins Make the Ideal Home Office
By Devlin Palmer

Do you want to work from home but there isn’t any space? Are you working from home but family members and friends distract you? Do you need more space for your office, but an extension is too expensive and time consuming?

A Log cabin, as a home office could provide a quick and easy solution to your problems, and are gaining in popularity. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, look attractive and can be built in less than a week. Being located in a beautifully designed log cabin could enhance your company, be developed as part of your company’s branding and become a valuable business asset.

A one-room log cabin in a square or rectangular design is the most prevalent shape for an office, although you could have an L shape, a hexagon shape or have one designed to your exact specifications. The size of the log cabin is often dictated by the available space in your garden. The smallest size for a log cabin office is generally 8′ x 10′ and the most popular sizes are 12′ x 8′ and 12′ x 10′. Ideally you should have a clear space of least 18″ wide on all sides to ensure easy access for installation and future maintenance. Log cabins are easy to maintain once they are erected. To help prolong the life of your log cabin, once a year the external timber should be treated with a quality wood stain and the windows and door hinges should be oiled regularly.

If you regularly have customers visiting your office, a loft-designed log cabin may be your choice. The upstairs area could be your working area and the downstairs used as a meet and greet area; furnished with comfortable sofas and chairs, coffee table and a tea-and-coffee making area. Customers will not want to leave!

The log cabin used as an office, should contain sufficient desk and file storage space and be at the correct temperature so it can be used all-year-round. A thermostatic heater, double-glazing, insulated walls, floor and ceiling, can help maintain a comfortable working temperature in the winter. In the summer, with the doors and windows open you can create a refreshing atmosphere to work in. If you choose a log cabin with a veranda, not only will it enhance the look of your office, but you’ll also have the choice of working outside while enjoying the fresh air. You’ll be the envy of everyone who has to work in a stuffy office!

Log cabins can be built from scratch or by assembling a DIY kit. DIY kits only need a basic selection of tools, such as: a hammer, screwdriver, power drill, spirit level, an adjustable spanner, a knife, stepladder and safety goggles. This could be an interesting project for any DIY fan. However, if the thought of assembling your own log cabin fills you with fear, don’t worry. There are companies that specialise in designing and constructing log cabins specifically for offices. They understand the needs of a log cabin when it is used as a home office and will work with you from the planning stage, right through to the finished construction. They will ensure there is enough power and telecom points fitted for all your electrical equipment, plenty of room for shelves and cupboards to hold your stock and accessories and adequate lighting so you don’t strain your eyes while you’re working. The log cabin is then fitted with a secure locking system to keep your business safe.

So, don’t just dream about having a home office; a log cabin could be the answer.

Devlin Palmer wrote this article about using log cabins as home offices [http://www.gardeningthoughts.co.uk/acatalog/log-cabins.html]. Log cabins are increasingly being used as offices as more and more employees are given the option to work from home.

For more information visit [http://www.gardeningthoughts.co.uk]

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