Glass Work Desks Under £100

If you are working at home, then you won’t really want to keep replacing any furniture that you require. Whilst you can get away with less than you need if you were working in an office block, there are certain things that you definitely require, and most definitely a desk that you can do all your important work at.

Your own requirements will most probably differ depending on your type of work. Nicky has a wooden table which she sews from; designers may need a table that tilts such as this:

But here we are going to look at glass work desks. And in particular, glass work desks that cost less than £100.

A glass work desk can look much smarter than a wooden or metal one. Of course you need to ensure that the desk is made of safety glass. Whilst they can be quite heavy, you wouldn’t want something that you are going to be spending your working hours at to be flimsy, would you?

Without doubt you will need to be able to assemble your desk at home, and ideally in the final location. That will save carrying it from one room to another – see what I said about being heavy above.

The size you go for will depend both upon your work requirements, but also the size of room you have. If you are aiming to put your home office in the unused space under your stairs, then you will not have room for a great big desk. Equally, if you need lots of work space, then it’s no good opting for a budget priced small desk – you’ll end up with your work in piles on the floor!

If you are using a tower computer, rather than a laptop, will you need a keyboard shelf? Does it have a hole near the back for cables to thread through to the screen?

What about paperwork? Do you need a shelf (maybe more than one?). Do you need built in drawer units? Or maybe you have your own filing cabinet already, so you just need a plain workdesk.

Here’s three of the best glass work desks for under £100. Which is your favourite? Mine is the Beyindfashion table, but the Royal Lifetree has some great reviews if you find your budget is a little lower.

Royal Lifetree Glass Desk with Keyboard Shelf

Beyondfashion Black/White Glass Computer Desk

Hartleys Black Glass Computer Desk

Colour Silver Black or White Black
Shelf Yes Yes Yes
Width cm 80 130 105
Depth cm 50 60 45
Height cm 73.5 75 74.5
Price 32.99 64.99 69.95
See More Details See More Details See More Details
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10 Responses to Glass Work Desks Under £100

  1. Sarah Arrow says:

    Love this, thanks for sharing. Will you be reviewing treadmill desks at all in the future?

  2. I have never really thought about a glass desk for my office, I have wooden one with a hutch. I guess it could look less bulky, but I don’t know about keeping it clean from smudges though! I think that if you had to put your desk in a corner of your home, as opposed to a separate room then a glass workspace might be a better alternative. Definitely a good cost effective solution. Something to think about for sure, thanks!

    • thehomeofficecabin says:

      I must admit wooden ones are found more often, but I think a glass one would be very stylish (until smudged!). I imagine them used by people who maybe only work with a laptop or computer, rather than someone who has papers everywhere. Or maybe people who have many visitors, and want to create an impression on a budget.

  3. Helen Lindop says:

    I’ve never thought of a glass desk either – interesting idea. I have one that I can (in theory) shut away when I’m not working but that never really happens!

    • thehomeofficecabin says:

      Thanks Helen. That’s the trouble with working at home… make sure you get enough breaks. Nicky is lucky that she has her desk in her work cabin in the garden, although she tends to bring hand sewing in most nights. Or sending quotes, emails, Facebook posts, and so on, and so on.

  4. Sara says:

    Glass desks might be okay for those without children, but whenever I hear glass I think of injuries and sharp edges.

    If I had to choose, I think the Royal Life Tree one is my favorite. It’s small and very minimalistic – great in my book.

    • thehomeofficecabin says:

      Thanks Sara. I can see your concerns, but I hope manufacturers now bear this in mind these days without question. I’m pretty sure that sharp edges are a thing of the past.

  5. Like others i’ve never really considered glass desks, or any desk really, when i was allowed to convert our spare room into an office i built desks in along two walls nad put filing cabinets underneath, plenty of surface space and storage space

    • thehomeofficecabin says:

      That’s very good Mike – being able to create exactly what you need rather than buying something ready made interests the hidden eco warrior in me 🙂

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