Consider a Log Cabin for Your Home Office


Consider a Log Cabin for Your Home Office
By Keith Jason Bates

Would you like to work from home but there isn’t really enough space or are you already working from home but keep getting distracted? If you need more space for your office and a quiet detached place away from the distractions of your home but cannot afford an extension have you considered a garden office?

A purpose built bespoke Log cabin as a home office could be the solution to your problems. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, look very attractive and can be built to your own specifications in a very short space of time.

An office in the garden could be the perfect place to begin to expand and concentrate on your business free from any distractions with a purpose built and designated area to work.Some people find it very difficult working from home, to maintain a work ethic in a home environment does require discipline even when you have a converted room to use specifically as an office. A detached designated building in your garden could be the answer so you do not still feel like you are home and can really switch to work mode once in your office.

A single room timber cabin can be constructed in any size you require within the limitations of relevant planning permissions and can be built to your own individual requirements. The smallest size cabin generally has dimensions measuring 8′ x 10′ to be a usable space without being too confining and restrictive. This should provide ample room for a desk and be able to accommodate any clients or customers that you may have to meet for business. Insulation and heating will mean your log cabin garden office is usable all year round and in the Summer you can almost feel like you are a working outside with windows and doors open enjoying the garden and weather.

The build quality of log cabins varies from company to company so do please ensure that you do a little research first before ordering from a company as there are a few important considerations. A reputable log cabin supplier will offer helpful advice and understand what building will be the most suitable for your individual requirements. Secure locks, good lighting and ventilation, powerpoints for electricity and internet connections are important considerations too for any home based business so are essentials for your log cabin garden office too.

This article was written by Keith Bates on behalf of Log cabins company TimberbuildingsUK. For more info about log cabins please look at this great article about Log cabins

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