Welcome to The Home Office Cabin!

Who are we, I hear you ask? Well we are Nicky and Paul, and we are here to help you in your quest to work from home. We’ll bring you regular tips and articles to help you – productivity, time management and other ideas that will assist you.

We’ll also profile cabins that you can work from, and give you suggestions on objects to assist your day to day work.

Nicky works from home every day, running her own curtain making business, Silk Interiors. As well as being very busy making curtains, blinds and other lovely soft furnishings for her clients’ homes, she also has 3 lovely children to look after.

Paul has a full time day job in an office, but loves to spend his spare time blogging and learning about various things online.

We have our own Home Office Cabin that is about to be built in the garden – check back for updates on this.

We hope you enjoy our site, and hope that your own venture in working from home will grow along with ours.

Nicky and Paul


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